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Jaya Shree produces world class linen yarn for weaving, Knitting and industrial purposes out of finest quality of west European flax. Natural-grace, elegance, trendy and bold vibrant weave make linen most suitable for traditional and fashionable apparel, furnishing and bed linen.
Natural, Bleached & Multifold Yarns
Linen Yarn for Weaving
Dry Spun - From 5 Lea to 10 Lea
Wet Spun*- From 10 Lea to 100 Lea
Linen Yarn for Circular Knitting
Wet Spun*- From 40 Lea to 80 Lea
* All our Wet Spun Yarn are Spliced

From Lea to Metric Count (NM) - Divide Lea by 1.65
From Lea to English Cotton Count (Ne) - Divide Lea by 2.8
From Lea to Denier - Divide 14880 by Lea Count
From Lea to Tex - Divide 1653.4 by Lea Count

5000 Tons per annum
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  • Higher moisture absorption Capacity, almost double than cotton, makes it a thirsty fabric. Linen allows the skin to breathe, and is extremely comfortable under all weather conditions. Cool in summer, warm in winter and refreshed in humid weather.
  • Linen helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Natural anti-bacterial health fabric.
  • With repeated washing, the fabric attains new sheen and airiness which makes it even more skin friendly.
  • Extremely durable and wear resistant.
  • Naturally anti-static and hence repels dust.
  • Naturally anti-bedsore.
  • Pure linen influence the lowering of muscle tension.
  • Extremely soft and supple.
  • Retains the creases and wrinkles due to the individual body movements of the wearer.
  • It adapts easily to any lifestyle or occasion, whether for daily or special, formal or informal use.
  • Wrinkles of Linen has its own way of expressions. Linen is tough, resistant and nearly immortal.
  • It has a natural sheen and extraordinary texture, which differentiates it with other fabric.
To Know More Please Visit: - www.mastersoflinen.com/en/
We Source out best grade Western European Fibre from France and Belgium for our entire requirement.

End Usage:-

* Men's Wear
* Women's Wear
* Knit Wear



Home Textiles

* Bed Linen
* Kitchen Linen
* Table Linen
* Bath Linen
* Decorative Fabrics

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Home Products Flax Yarn

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To Know More Please Visit: http://www.mastersoflinen.com/en/